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How to find a perfect freezer with Easy buy?

A freezer is one of the most important and basic devices in your kitchen, which nobody can do without. Before choosing one, check the number of functions the freezer has as they may make your life much easier. Check the offer of fridge freezers on finance, pay weekly or pay monthly.

Things to know about fridge freezers on finance 


There are a few things to consider before choosing fridge freezers on finance, such as their capacity and defrosting functions. The fridge capacity that you should choose depends on the number of your family members – the more people in the house, the more food you will probably buy. A big capacity fridge freezer can hold 14 bags of food shopping, which will allow you to do the shopping for the whole family once a week. What’s most important, is to choose no-frost technology fridge freezer and you will never have to manually defrost it. Check if the fridge has reversible door, to be able to install it to suit your layout.


Fridge freezers pay weekly will store your food for longer


If you want to save time, prepare more food at once and store it one of fridge freezers pay weekly you will find at Easy Buy. If you want to store food for longer, think about freezing it. It’s good to buy a 50/50 split fridge freezer to get even four shelves in the freezer. The food should preserve an ideal consistency. The Fridge freezers pay weekly option allows you to buy a fridge and pay the amount over 26 upto 104 weeks so you don’t have to wait to buy a new fridge even in the case of temporary financial problems.


Fridge freezers pay monthly will keep your food fresh


Buying fridge freezers pay monthly you will have to pay your instalments once a month. A good fridge will keep the freshness of food under control, due to freshness sensors ensuring a constant temperature inside, which should be independent of the outer temperature. It’s the key to longer freshness and flavour of your food.

• Fast Freeze Function • ​​​​​​​Frost Free • 247 Litre Capacity

Availability: In Stock


• Anti-Bacterial Protection • Reversible Door • 251 Litre Capacity

Availability: In Stock

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