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Do the daily washing on finance or pay outright


If you don’t have the money to buy a washing machine, it doesn’t mean you’ll end up hand washing your clothes in the sink. Thanks to Easy Buy you are able to have a washing machine straight away. We offer pay weekly washing machines, or  washing machines on a pay outright basis, online or direct from our store.


Pay weekly washing machines from the biggest manufacturers


It has never been so easy – choose your dream washing machine from our pay weekly washing machines, decide on the number of weeks to re-pay over, add to cart and become a happy owner of a new washing machine. You can choose from most recognised washing machine manufacturers, such as Statesman, Candy or Beko. These are the manufacturers that will never let you down, famous for their quality appliances.


Washing Machines on finance that fit your needs


Depending on the size of your family, you can choose from 6 to 10 kilogram washing machines. The larger machines are perfect for those who do the washing too often… they can reduce the amount of water you use and your electricity bills. Those who use a washer once a week should check the selection of smaller, 7kg washing machines on finance.


Washing Machines pay outright are waiting for you too


Washing machines pay outright, we have plenty of options for those who don’t need to spread the cost. Check our range to see washing machines with multiple cycles to meet every family’s needs. We also have the latest energy efficient washing machines that weigh your laundry to save water and contain innovative parts, such as brushless magnets, to prevent future maintenance.

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