Energy Ratings

In the world we're currently living in, knowing how much energy your appliances are using is incredibly important. With this in mind, manufacturers place energy ratings on their products so that you have peace of mind, knowing how much energy your appliances will take and how much it will controbute to your monthly bills.

What Do the Ratings Mean?

Energy Ratings were introduced around 20 years ago as a means of showing customers how efficient their products were. But as technology advanced, new classes needed to be introduced in order to keep up. In 2011 the A+, A++ and A+++ classes were added, but these soon became unreliable with over 90% of products being ranked from A+ to A+++. This gave a false impression that an A+ product was very efficient when in effect it would be equivalent to a C or D rating. 

In 2021, the ratings were changed to be more accurate. This introduced a simple A-G rating scale. See below the comparison between old ratings and new.

Energy Rating (Pre-2021) Energy Rating (New)
A+++ B/C
A++ D/E
A+ F/G


Is My Appliance Not Efficient?

If you have an appliance which is F rated, for example, this doesn't mean it's not efficient, it's just rated differently. With the new system, you'll rarely see a product with an A rating for the time being. But this is so that manufacturers have room to try and create new and innovative ways to be even more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Over time we'll see new A rated products being made, and a new rating system will inevitably come in to place again once technology advances further.

Still Confused?

Every appliance you purchase now comes with a QR code. This can be found on the top right of your energy rating details, and scanning this with your phone camera will provide you with more information to give you peace of mind about how much energy your new product will be using.

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