Caring for your Furniture

Your furniture has been constructed to high standards from carefully selected materials to give you years of comfort and satisfaction with the correct care and routine maintenance. The following advice is given to help achieve this and prolong the life of your furniture.

General Care

Regular cleaning with a soft bruse and / or a vacuuming of the furniture will help keep your furniture looking its best. Accumulated dust will accelerate the wear of the covers.

Avoid sitting on the arms or edges of the cushions as this can distort and reduce the life expectancy of the furniture.

Avoid sharp objects, buckles, jewellery, etc as well as household pets from coming into contact with the fabrics as these can snag and cause pulls. If snags to occur always cut them off with scissors, never try to pull them out.

Avoid keeping your furniture directly in sunlight or reflective light, as this can cause fading and premature wear. DO NOT allow the furniture to come into contact with a direct heat source.

Decorative facias and trims are usually treated with a resilient lacquer and should be cleaned with a soft wet cloth or duster. NEVER polish or use solvent cleaners.

Zip fasteners are mostly used for ease of filling and assembly during manufacture and do not necessarily indicate that covers are removeable. If you should ever cause to remove zipped items take great care in replacing them correctly and never force a zip or get fabric trapped when fitting. NEVER lift items by the zips.

Reclining furniture has many moving parts and it is normal for minor squeaks and creaks to emit from the recliner whilst it is in use, this is normal and should not be a cause for concern. The manufacturers cannot be responsible for any damage or premature wear that may occur to any area of the kickboard material through shoes or heels of shoes or any type of footwear.


Caring for your cushions and fibre interiors. Non reversible cushions should be repositioned frequently so that wear is spread evenly throughout the cushions. Reversible cushions should also be turned as well as repositioned. Any fibre cushions should be regularily and vigorously plumped to retain their look and performance. IMPORTANT foam seat cushions will in the first few weeks loose 20% of their original hardness, this is quite normal and will not affect their long term performance.


Due to the nature of certain fabrics there are sometimes slight variations in colour shading, this can even occur within the same batches and should not be regarded as a defect. Exacting care is taking to ensure reasonable matches at all times and this will have been checked throughout the process.

Cleaning spots and spills

For all spillages it is recommended you use a soft absorbant cloth to soak up the initial spillage. If the spillage has caused staining we recommend you contact specialist cleaners who are equipped to deal with such occurrences. For professional cleaning and maintenance, call Safeclean free on 0800 585693 or goto, for leather care needs goto

Customer Information - Please read before unwrapping your goods

Please note that if you have wooden or laminate flooring care should be taken when moving your furniture. It is recommended that 2 people should life and place the furniture into position and never slide across the flooring. It is also recommended that you place furniture glides, show wood feet or twister bases on protective pads (not included) to eliminate the possibility of scratching. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused, due to the customer's choice of flooring, in all cases it is the customer's responsibility to ensure adequate protection is used to keep a barrier between their floor and the furniture. Any feet that are attached by the customer or retailer is also at the customers own risk, feet that are attached this way should be periodically checked to ensure they are correctly tightened as movement may cause some loosening over time.

Important Information when unpacking

1. This product has made a long journey to reach you. Before using it, please reshape, plump up, and restore the cushions to their original look and comfort.

2. To give longer life and keep the look and comfort of your seat cushions; they should be vigorously plumped up daily, reversable cushions should also be turned so as they will wear evenly. Alternating the position of the cushions once a week where possible will help maintain their look and comfort.

3. If your sofa set has loose or removable back cushions please restore them using the step above. If the back cushions are fixed; starting from the lower position and working upwards, reposition and shape them evenly from the centre to the outside corners.

4. If your sofa set has fixed arm pads, adjust them evenly from the centre towards the outsides. If they are removeable, restore them using methods previously explained in step 2.

5. NB. Any cushions with zips should have care taken when adjusting them so as not to cause damage. Moving furniture by the arm pads or back cushions is not recommended and should be avoided at all times.

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